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This time I visit the Norwegian mountains at Jotunheimen National Park. A few days before this adventure I broke my microphone, so sorry for the audio on this one! Nevertheless this was a great landscape photography experience with lots of nice views! Check the video and my blog at for more details on this trip! Thanks for watching

During this video I slept on a watching tower waiting for one of the most enigmatic mammals in Norway, the Moose! More than in any other kind of photography, wildlife photography is extremely unpredictable, and finding and being able to photograph very elusive animals is extremely difficult! Find out what happened during this wildlife photography adventure!

This landscape photography trip, during the month of July, resulted in 4 beautiful images! I camped overnight in the forest, more precisely in Østmarka, a forest in the surroundings of Oslo. The view point where I am at is a high point and has a great view over the forest, with the most obvious composition being a wide shot. However it is possible to find very nice compositions by using longer focal lengths and focusing on details of the canopy of forest below! Check it out!

A Morning of landscape photography at Jostedal National Park was fun. I have talked about complementary colours on the previous evening at Jostedal, and in the morning I found a red boat that was a perfect foreground element. Having the green sides of the mountains together with the light blue water of the glacier the red colour of the boat was a perfect fit!

 Join me on my one night landscape photography trip to Jostedal National Park, where I photograph the biggest glacier in continental Europe.